The Benefits of Equine Therapy and How Horses are Trained for it

Equine therapy is a form of therapy that uses horses to help people with physical and mental health problems. It has been shown to be beneficial in treating a variety of issues, and can be used as a form of counseling for couples and for the formation of groups and teams. But how are the horses trained for this type of therapy? In basic training, horses learn to go up and down stairs, climb elevators, walk on unusual floor surfaces, move with care by hospital equipment, and work in small patient rooms. Once a horse is considered a good candidate to undergo a therapy program, it is exposed to all aspects of riding classes.

They are taught to be guided in a way that encourages the horse to walk next to the leader's shoulder and to accelerate and slow down in response to the leader's body language and pace. Test horses must also be exposed to several loud noises, such as music, toys and enthusiastic riders. In addition, horses are exposed to various assistive teaching devices, such as batons, rings, toys and flags, which the volunteer manipulates or carries by the rider. Every miniature horse can be trained, BUT not every miniature horse will be a great therapy horse.

Our goal is to choose horses that we think will love their work as much as we do. Different types of equine therapy include therapeutic horseback riding, hippotherapy, equine assisted learning, and equine-assisted psychotherapy. The cost of equine assisted therapy sessions is dictated by the professional and varies depending on several variables. If you're considering equine therapy and are enrolled in a plan, talk to your insurance provider about coverage.

I have seen first-hand the amazing work that therapy horses do. My 13-year-old daughter rides horses and volunteers in a place where they use therapy horses. Equine-assisted therapy can provide a number of therapeutic benefits to people who have physical and mental health problems. It is an incredibly rewarding experience for both the patient and the horse.

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